Our Mission

The mission of the Raleigh Historic Development Commission is to identify, preserve, protect, and promote Raleigh’s historic resources.

2016 Architectural Survey Update

The Raleigh Historic Development Commission (RHDC) would like to thank all who participated in our recent Character Preservation event, hosted by Preservation North Carolina in partnership with Raleigh City Planning. As a followup to the successful event, in cooperation with the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), the commission has researched the neighborhoods represented at the event, and offers the following status information.

City Council granted $40,000 to the RHDC for the purpose of drafting HOD reports/National Register nominations for neighborhoods interested in becoming local historic districts (HOD-G or HOD-S). The Friends of Oberlin have requested a report for the potential Oberlin Village Historic Overlay District, which is currently in process. The commission looks forward to hearing from other neighborhoods which are beginning the process of pursuing a rezoning.

Bloomsbury, Cameron Park, Cameron Village, Five Points, Hayes Barton, Madonna Acres, Mordecai, and Roanoke Park each have existing National Register nominations that would need to be updated in the form of a historic overlay district report (similar to the report completed for the National Register Historic District Glenwood-Brooklyn, completed in 2015). Fairmont and University Park fall under this category as well, as each is part of the larger West Raleigh National Register Historic District.

Caraleigh, Ridgewood, Fairway Acres, Lyon Park, and Forty Acres were formally placed on SHPO’s State Study List for the National Register of Historic Places. A consultant would need to work with SHPO to determine if each continues to meet the criteria for listing, which the commission intends to determine through its 2016 Architectural Survey Update federal Historic Preservation Fund grant project. Should the neighborhoods remain on the Study List, a National Register nomination would need to be prepared for each.

Anderson Heights has been determined by the SHPO to not have the integrity to be listed in the National Register. However, in consultant Ruth Little’s judgment, there is at this time enough integrity for a local historic overlay district (HOD). An HOD report in the style of a National Register nomination would need to be prepared for this potential district.

Brentwood, Budleigh, Colinwood, East Mordecai, Fallon Park, Fuller Heights, Gatewood, Hertford Village, Mount Vernon, Oakdale, Ralina, Rollingwood, Starmount, Westover, Windsor Park, and Woodcrest to include a northwest section each need to be surveyed to determine if they may meet the criteria for the National Register. The commission intends to complete this reconnaissance study as part of its 2016 Architectural Survey Update federal Historic Preservation Fund grant project.

Historic Overlay Districts (HODs)

Oberlin Village was designated a General Historic Overlay District (HOD-G) on February 6, 2018.  READ MORE